Lecture-styled presentation offers background to the grandeur of former Siam Capital and its opulent wealth

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Semi-retired in their late 50’s are now seasoned professionals in different fields, Pariya Julagasub; Vice President of ICT & Social Media at Thai Airways International and an Airbnb’s award winner for her “Pariya Villa”, a posh homestay in the heart of Bangkok. Kusuma Chaiyaporn; Editor in Chief and Publisher of Paris-based leading fashion magazine, L’Officiel (Thailand) including organize world class fashion shows and social events, and Kemarin Rochanarat: an US expat lived in Washington DC., a University lecturer specialized in short-course training, a visual communication expert, a magazine columnist and consultant in Educational Ecotourism Enterprise.
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History of Ayutthaya doesn't have to be boring, our lively study tour in Ayutthaya will opened up new worlds of archaeological sites.

Presentation Topics

Ayutthaya Study Tour 

One day course lasts for half (3hrs) to a full day (6hrs) depending on the subjects. Currently, there are presentations in "The Grandeur of Ayodhaya" and related topics; An Overview; The Rise of Ayutthaya Kingdom; Treasures Excavations; The Dressing Styles and Hairdo; Reminiscence  of Ayutthaya Cuisine; Contact with the West and Foreign Influences.

Witnessing Thai history firsthand will change your understanding of the past glory concentrated on dynmic presentation to avoid memorizing sea of information. Taking a fresh and innovative approach with mix media and active discussion. Our group are mostly small, informal and friendly with an opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas among like-minded peers who share your interest and enthusiasm for Ayutthaya's olden times.

In lieu of receive little pieces of data from shouting field guides via megaphone, attendants will learn the subject directly primary be held professionally in the meeting room on the campus of Ayutthaya Rachjabhat University or local hotels. Tours offer the occassion to spend time with seasoned historians for ones who have expressed a particular concern. You will find our range of lectures and courses exciting, stimulation and enriching with the hands-on training sessions as part of a study tour. Available upon request, the course will be able to include integrated workshop of Ayutthaya-art mural paintings, cooking class, Thai classical dance practice and more.


Course Format

Conducted in English, French and other languages by Kemarin Rochanarat and her team catering to international college students and faculty, special interest group, travel business entrepreneurs, retirees, independent travelers, art and history lovers.


Ayutthaya's ruins serve

as reminder of Siam's

glorious past along with

nightmares of the

darkest times in

Thai history

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As A Tourist Hub, Ayutthaya is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Former Capital of Siam
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Clip VDO                                            by Kemarin Rochanarat

Lecture on history of Ayutthaya

Clip VDO  Dinning and boat trip along the river watch the sunset scene of Ayutthaya


Group:  20 to 35 people                                          Price: could be changed without notice

          1,450 THB per pax (20 people)

          1,150 THB per pax (35 people)

Note: this price includes meeting room, lecture,  2 meals ( 1 quick lunch 1 dinner),        1 coffee break  1 refreshment, boat rental, museum fee excludesland transportation, alcoholic drinks and sodas.

Ayutthaya Study Tour:

One full day program


We at World Plus Study Tour is offering exclusive travel itinerary that will be blended into your study tour program at very competitive price to fit your budget. With visits to key attractions including stopovers at unseen local charms, relax on the beach, jaunt to nearby community, floating market, and enjoy dinner boat trip and cooking class.

Under lecture entitled                            "The Grandeur of Old Ayodhaya"

Kemarin Rochanarat an US expat lived in Washington DC., a University lecturer specialized in short-course training, a travel magazine columnist, a consultant in study tour program package has dedicated her time as social contribution to help enlighten aura to the grandeur and prosperity of the Ayutthaya Empire.

Kemarin has launched Ayutthaya Study Tour in attempt to offer easy accessible lecture-styled courses based on giving presentations for multinational party. She is proud to educate about Thai history the smart and enjoyable way, yet Ayutthaya deserve highly praise for all its great accomplishment to defense our territory as one nation until Thailand today.

World Plus Study Tour Package in Thailand

Who may participate: University faculty  and students, alumni, culture conscious retirees, special interest group, independent travelers, art and history lovers and multinational people of all ages. 

7 Days 6 Nights

Where: Town of Ayutthaya - Petchaburi - Nakorn Phatom

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival                                          2.30 - 4.30pm  Wat Chaiwattanaram  Visit famous riverside ancient ruin of Wat Chaiwattanaram built in early Ayutthaya period is a great example of Khmer-styled architecture with tall central prang.


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4.30-5.45pm  Boat Excursion                Drift along the river on a long-tailed boat       

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Day 2: Full day lecture on History 9.00am-4.00pm Attend session entitled "The Grandeur of Old Ayodhaya" 


4.14-5.30pm UNESCO Historical Site Roam about Ayutthaya's olden remains

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5.45-9.00pm  Ayutthaya Night Out

Dine on healthy buffet fusion food while sit on an open-air riverside deck to watch tourist boats passing by.


Day 3: The Chao Sam Phraya Museum  9.00-11.30am View hidden gold treasures excavated from temple's crypt displayed inside the museum.

gallery/hallway inside museum

7 Days 6 Nights

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Day 3: Travel to Petchaburi province 1.30-4.00pm Heading south 250km to the beach town of Petchaburi.

World Plus Study Tour Package in Thailand


4.30-9.00pm Check in at seaside Hotel    Dinner is served while listen to a brief  orientation on mangrove conservation.

Day 4: Leam Phak Bia Environment R&D Project (LERD)                          8.00-10.00am  Ride on a trolley and explore nature trails under the shady mangrove shrubs go towards open sea.




10.30-11.30am Baan Puen Palace  Quick step around German Art Nouveau styled Palace with European dome roof in the name Jugendstil.  


Day 5: Mrigadayavan Palace            9.00-11.30am  Half day field trip        Visit a seaside royal residence built   of teak wood in neo-classic style.

gallery/seaside palace

11.45am-1.00pm Lunch at noodle  shop for local taste of Rice & Noodle


10.30am Sampran Riverside Hotel  Check in at nice hotel lacated on the bank Thajean River in Nakorn Patom


ุ5.00-9.00pm  B-B-Q Beach Party     Alfresco dinning serve your own cooking and Hawaiian Luau grills 

Day 6: Travel to Nakorn Patom      8.30am Check out from seaside hotel. Going back up north to Nakorn Patom. Stop over Amphawa in Samut Songkram home to the famous floating market.  

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1145am-1.00pm   Lunch at lakeside pavilion. Delight in Thai and international buffet at Vanda Restaurant.


6.30-9.30pm  Farewell Party                   a "Bon Voyage" event to remember.

Day 7: Departure                           11.30am Check-out. Leave hotel to Suwannabhumbi  Airport for your onward flights.

Cost Estimate: approx. 950 EURO = 36,000 THB per person includes 6 nights shared room (sleep 2), 18 meals, lectue, guided field trips, local transportation, boat trips, cooking class, museum admission fee, free pick-up and drop off at Suwannabhumbi airport transfers excludes airfaires.

World Plus Study Tour Package       in Thailand

Note: Prices availability on this website is limited and at the time of purchase prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuation, fuel costs and/or unforeseen situations. In flight schedules change any essential additional expenses including extra nights (s) accommodation will be passed on to the passenger.

Bookings: Online advanced booking is recommended in order to seve your needs, together with a deposit of 50%. The balance will be paid at the date of the session upon your arrival.

E-mail: info@worldpluseducation.com and ayutthayastudytour@gmail.com

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11.45am-1.00pm Lunch at a riverside bistro

1.30-3.30pm Wat Yai Suwannnaram View the oldest teak wood summon hall still in existence since Aytthaya period.

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gallery/wat yai suwannaram

6.00-9.00pm Dinner at Hotel's restaurant Showing snapshots and vdo clips shot by everyone in the tour group.

(If time permits) 4.00-5.30pm Khao Wang or Palace Hill. Ride a cable car or walk up to the mountaintop temples to view spectacular    sunset scene of the city.

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Day 4: Town of Petchaburi

Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park

1.30-4.30pm Thai Cooking Class Back to seaside hotel.Easy-to-make dinner menu will be taught for your dishes such as Pad-thai, Tom Yum Koong, chicken curry and more.

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1.30-4.00pm Art&Craft Workshop Attend Rim Klong Art the canal-side class to learn coconut leaves weaving, fruit carving, make flower garland etc.

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4.00-5.30pm Leisurely Stroll                Roam around hotel's beautiful compound or enjoy its swimming pool.


6.00-8.30pm Dinner at the hotel        Savor on delicious Thai food.hot-pot